Get Involved Volunteer

Long-term volunteer:

Are you interested in joining the Echo team and can do so for at least one month? Do you want to become fully immersed in the reforestation work we are doing? Then sign up to be a long-term Plant Conservationist volunteer! This work is seasonally dependent but may involve: maintaining trail systems and watering trees, preparing sites and planting trees, caring for existing reforestation areas by collecting data on tree growth and survival, and more! If you are interested in becoming a long-term volunteer, please visit:

Daytime volunteer:

Coming to Bonaire on vacation? Or working and living here already? Interested to help Echo in its reforestation efforts but only have a few hours or days to give? Then become a Daytime Volunteer! This work may include: helping out in the nurseries (transplanting, watering, mixing compost), cleaning up the trail systems around the Dos Pos Conservation Centre, going out to reforestation sites and watering newly planted trees, and more!

Tree Planting volunteer:

Interested in planting out some of our adopted trees with us? Then sign up to join us for our community tree planting days. These events will typically take place on Saturday mornings from 8am – 12pm during the rainy season (October – January). But, if you are a large group (10+ people) then you can also arrange a private tree-planting day; this is a great opportunity for a family bonding or a team building experience!

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