About Echo

Echo is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot ("Lora") on Bonaire. With just over 1,000 individuals remaining on the island, these parrots are in danger of extinction, as habitat loss/degradation, poaching and introduced predators continue to threaten their numbers. Echo’s valuable research and conservation initiatives aim at providing long-term solutions for the parrots and people on the island.

A My Bonaire Tree nursery expansion in 2016 doubled its size to allow for the growth of up to 10,000 trees. The expansion was as a result of a government grant from the Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire, which has mandated Echo with the development of ten one-hectare protected areas around Bonaire and the planting out of 20,000 native trees. Support from Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire is integral to Echo's reforestation efforts.

To learn more about Echo, visit www.EchoBonaire.org.